Camp Carnegie — Terms and Conditions


My child has permission to take part in CAMP CARNEGIE, and all its associated activities.

I agree to hold harmless The Carnegie and their officers, directors, staff and volunteers and their heirs from and against all claims, actions, liabilities and expenses (including attorney fees) and pay for damage to property (mine and others’), personal injury or loss of life arising therefrom during the course of my child’s participation.

I hereby assign all rights and release from liability The Carnegie of Covington for the recording, reproduction, exhibition, or telecasting and distribution of my child’s visual image and voice for non-profit use.

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LANGUAGE: Sexual references, mild obscenities, and homophobic slurs.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol is consumed.

VIOLENCE: There is a boxing match in the musical.

FOR WHICH AUDIENCE: Kinky Boots is a mature musical comedy. The play is best suited for Grade 8 and up.

RATING: If it were a movie, Kinky Boots would be rated “PG-13.”


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN is a family-friendly production, appropriate for all ages.

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