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Dianna Frid in conversation with Sergio A. Aguillón-Mata

Exhibition X: An Utterly Incomplete Examination of Collage in Contemporary Art Exhibition X is a loose examination of collage strategies and techniques across a range of media. Rather than organizing the exhibition from a particular thematic point of view, the curators opted for a messier, open-ended approach to bringing work together under one building. The exhibition

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Exhibition X

Artists: M’Shinda Imani Abdullah Broaddus, Marshall Brown, Thomas Dozol, Edie Fake, Krista Franklin, Dianna Frid, Greenwich Village Book Desecration League, Terence Hammonds, Julia Schmitt Healy, Joseph Heidecker, CT King, Thomas Kong, Dutes Miller, Ayanah Moor, Erin Jane Nelson, Paul Nudd, Sarah Palmer, Breyer P-Orridge, Hubert Posey, Kathryn Réfi, Michael Scheurer, Dean Smith, Hannah Smith, Deb Sokolow,

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Monkey Power Trio

More information: There is no pre-planning. There is no practice. Everything you will hear is created from scratch, inspired by the surroundings and energy each member brings to the session. Rarely will you hear more than two or three takes of any one “song” before the members of the band, always with one eye on

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Opening Reception — Dynamics of Flow

Dynamics of Flow consists of sequentially selected objects and bodies of work alternating between ceramics and painting. The curators (Derrick Velasquez, Johanna Jackson, Matt Distel) will individually select projects that respond to the previous selection. The process involved will reveal a dialogue between specific objects and, broadly, between painting and ceramics. Embrace expansive definitions of

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LANGUAGE: Sexual references, mild obscenities, and homophobic slurs.

ALCOHOL: Alcohol is consumed.

VIOLENCE: There is a boxing match in the musical.

FOR WHICH AUDIENCE: Kinky Boots is a mature musical comedy. The play is best suited for Grade 8 and up.

RATING: If it were a movie, Kinky Boots would be rated “PG-13.”


SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN is a family-friendly production, appropriate for all ages.

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